The Nevada Administrator Bundle (40 Credits)

————The Nevada Administrator Bundle (40 Credits)
————The Nevada Administrator Bundle (40 Credits)

The Nevada Administrator Bundle (40 Credits)

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Need continuing education specifically designed for your Nevada HSE, NHA or RFA license?  These courses never expire and were created to help you get your CEUs done fast!

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Do you need Nevada Administrator CEUs (40 credits)? Look no further! The Nevada Administrator Bundle is specifically designed to meet your needs. **THESE COURSES NEVER EXPIRE AND CAN BE SAVED FOR FUTURE RENEWAL PERIODS**

Below is a summary of the CEU requirements for Nevada Health Service Executives (HSEs), Nursing Home Administrators (NHAs) and Residential Facility Administrators (RFA), which are described in Section 654.093 of the Nevada Administrative Code (click here to view).

Required Hours:

  • HSE: 40
  • NHA: 30
  • RFA: 16

Hours Permitted Online: All Required Hours (so long as they are NAB Approved)

Renewal Period: December 31 of Odd Years

**You cannot earn more than 8 credit hours in a 24 hour period**

Required Courses: Ethics (2 Credit Hours) and Regulations (2 Credit Hours)

The Nevada Administrator Bundle includes the following courses (CEU hours bracketed):

  • Accessibility: More Than Just The Americans With Disabilities Act (2.25 Regulations Credits)
  • Medical Ethics in LTC (4.5 Ethics Credits)
  • The Science of Aging (6.5 Credits)
  • Mental Illness in the Elderly (4.25 Credits)
  • Residents’ Rights in LTC (2.25 Credits)
  • Falls in the Elderly (4 Credits)
  • Ethics, Are They Important and Why? (3 Credits)
  • Basics in Healthcare and Medical Ethics (1.75 Credits)
  • A Guide to Maintenance (3.5 Credits)
  • Infection Control & Standard Precautions (4.5 Credits)
  • Biological & Chemical Warfare (3.5 Credits)

TOTAL: 40 Credits of NAB Approved CEUs, 4.5 Ethics Credits, 2.25 Regulations Credits



If you need just a few courses, please visit our Course Catalog page–all our courses are approved as Nevada HSE, NHA and RFA CEUs!

You can always contact us if you have any questions (click here for the Contact page). Additionally, you can get more information regarding your CEU and license renewal requirements in Nevada by contacting:

Board of Examiners of Long-Term Care Administrators
3157 N. Rainbow Blvd. #313
Las Vegas, NV 89108
Phone:  (702) 486-5445