Yes! All of our courses are NAB approved and have an active NAB approval number. Upon completion of the course, you will receive the NAB approval number and your course completions will be uploaded into NAB’s CE Registry (for those who have a NAB CE Registry ID number) and CEBroker (for those that report to CEBroker).
Our courses are valid for long-term care administrators (often abbreviated as NHA, ALA or Assisted Living Administrators, etc.) in every state.

After completing your purchase, just login to your profile page and from your account page you’ll see the courses tab, which will take you to our learning portal where you can complete your courses.

Yes!  As required, we report completions every two weeks to CE Broker and NAB’s CE Registry.  If you need your courses reported quicker, please use the email form to send us a note to that effect.

Yes!  You can retake a course that you previously completed as long as it was not completed during the current license renewal period.

There is no time limit.  If you purchase a course today, you can take it today, tomorrow or 10 years from now.

Upon completion of a course, you’ll be able to access the certificate in the learning portal.

Use the forgot username or password tools on the Login page.  Alternatively, you can contact CEUSrEZ using any of the contact methods on the Contact Us page and upon identity verification, we will provide your information.

CEUSrEZ’s courses do not include videos.  We’ve found that videos lose the learner’s interest and do not allow a learner to easily review sections they’ve already completed.  Our goal is to allow users to progress at their own pace.

Yes, we do offer group and company discounts.  If you would like to inquire about arranging a group or company discount, please call us at the number provided on the Contact Us page.

Each state has different CEUs requirements and requirements can vary by license type. Some states also limit the number of CEUs that can be completed online (often called “distance learning”). Please consult your local governing board for further details or contact CEUSrEZ directly and we can help you out.

You can take a test as many times as you need to obtain the required 70% passing score.

Yes, we are very serious about ensuring the privacy of your personal information.  If you have any concerns about the security of CEUSrEZ, please reach out directly to us to discuss the concern in more detail.

We are happy to answer any other questions that you might have.  Please reach out to us by filling in the Contact Us form on the Contact Us page or call us at the number provided on the Contact Us page.